Easy to use from the comfort of your desk, no need to send data away for analysis

Quick and simple

Register to use the program, log your study, make your payment online and away you go!

Valid and reliable

Tested and compared with other authoritative sources

Growing list of food

Over 700 foods and counting have been tested in 14 different categories for you to use

Created by researchers at Monash University, the developers of the low FODMAP diet.

An online platform for researchers to calculate FODMAP content for food diaries and recipes.

For researchers by researchers

Developed in Melbourne by researchers and dietitians to be used in research

Online Support

Any questions or queries, just email us and we’ll endeavour to get back to you ASAP


Various Measurements

Serve sizes available for Australia, UK, Canada and the US.

Free Recipes

17 Low FODMAP recipes for you to use. Created and tested by the Monash team


Use the FODMAP Calculator


Researcher access' webpage and registers to use the calculator. You will be asked to read & agree to our terms and conditions

Step 1

Activate Account

Researcher receives an email - click on the link to activate the account

Step 2
Activate Account

Create study

Fill in the study details online; including the organisation, number of participants and contact information.

Step 3
Create your study

Await approval

When the study request has been submitted, the Monash team will review it. Once reviewed you will receive an email informing you of the decision, if accepted you will be sent payment instructions.

Step 4
Await Approval

Make payment

Follow the instructions sent in the email. Make the payment and send us the payment confirmation by replying to the email with the payment receipt number.

Step 5

Study approval

When payment confirmation is received, the study will be approved and the researcher can begin entering data

Step 6
Study approval

Enter data

Begin entering data for participants

Step 7
Enter data

Diary approval

Once the diary is completed, researcher submits data and a report will be generated. Researcher will be notified when report is ready. This may take 1-5 days

Step 8
Diary approval

Download report

Researcher is able to download the report. Each report is available for the researcher to download it within 30 days, from the day of diary approval

Step 9
Download report


For each participant in your study, repeat steps 7 to 9.

Step 10

Study report

After you have entered data for all participants in your study and once all the diaries are approved, you can download the study report

Step 11
Study report

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